To facilitate access to training and learning opportunities, the Clean Green Pakistan programme is pleased to launch free online training courses under both programmes including:
1) The Clean Green Pakistan Index (CGPI).
2) The Clean Green Champions Programme (CGCP)
The courses will be available publicly - for everyone who wishes to register with and contribute to Clean Green Pakistan. Participants completing the training course will be issued a training completion certificate from the Federal Ministry of Climate Change and their role and contributions under the programme will be recognized and rewarded.

Clean Green Pakistan Index (CGPI)

This session is designed for the nominated focal persons from all the provincial administrative departments participating in the Clean Green Pakistan program. The officials assigned the role of entering data to the Clean Green Pakistan Index portal can seek step by step guidance here on how to enter data in the Clean Green Pakistan Index addressing key and sub-indictors of all five components of the Clean Green Pakistan programme.
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Staying Safe during COVID-19 Pandemic

This lesson provides basic information about the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic that every individual should know. It is intended for anyone curious about staying safe during this pandemic or interested in learning coronavirus prevention tips.

We particularly recommend this course for those who lead an organization, have a leadership role in their community, or work with sick or elderly beneficiaries.
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Clean Green COVID-19 Champions’ Training

This training is designed for the Clean Green Champions who wish to contribute their efforts in controlling the spread of COVID-19 disease in Pakistan. The training will fully guide the champions on the role they can play to respond to COVID-19 by protecting themselves, their families and the communities they live in or work with by taking small actions under the key components of Clean Green Pakistan. The training will also share the details on how the champions' voluntary efforts will be rewarded. To start the training,

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The Clean Green Pakistan Programme and the Sustainable Development Goals

The objective of this training is to help participants understand 1) how the Clean Green Pakistan program is linked with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and 2) how the Sustainable Development Goals define and interprets targets related to e.g. safe drinking water, hygiene and solid waste management and sanitation – the key components of the Clean Green Pakistan programme.

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